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Trust the ExpertsCustomer Satisfaction is an integral part of our business philosophy.Makitech does not only provide your wants BUT factory automation and intralogistics solutions that tailoring to your NEEDS
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MakiTech Corporation Sdn Bhd brings industrial and governmental clients the critical expertise they need to ensure fault-free, turnkey construction and operation of their physical plants.


For the last 20 years, we have advised clients on planning, operation, sales and future improvement of their equipment and facilities.

Our Presence

Our Presence

Our Affiliates & Subsidairies

  • MTC Co., Ltd, Japan
  • MakiTech Services Co., Ltd, Japan
  • MakiTech MK Home Co., Ltd, Japan
  • Wellness Shimanto Co., Ltd, Japan
  • Maki Create Co., Ltd, Japan
  • MakiTech Corporation Sdn. Bhd., Malaysia
  • MakiTech Sdn. Bhd., Malaysia
  • Maki-Sutee Engineering (Thailand) Co. Ltd
  • MakiTech Taiwan Co., Ltd
  • Wuxi Maki-Sunhill Conveyor (China) Co., Ltd
  • Wuxi Maki Logistics Equipment (China) Co., Ltd
  • Ningbo Maki Cel Conveyor (China) Co., Ltd
  • Danyang Maki-Junyang Medical Equipment & Supply (China) Co., Ltd
  • Foshan MakiTech Corp. Co., Ltd